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Il rifugio è di prorietà del C.A.I.

The structure

The Willy Jervis Refuge is a three floor building, formed by:
-a bar opened all year long;
-a second bar with a big and sunny dehors, opened just in the summer;
-a restaurant
-10 bedrooms for 1 to 4 people
-4 dormitories for 8 to 17 people;
-a big storehouse with differnt sport equipment which  anyone can use or rent;
In the refuge you can take advance of the radiophone and of the internet connection, infact the dining room is covered by the Wi-Fi connection.
The heating, during the winter, in the diningroom is assured by stoves and fireplaces, while the bedrooms are wormed up by little electric stoves.
An hydroelectric power plant gives the refuge energy all year long, so that the bathrooms are suppoted by hot water,The wood to burn is taken from the near by woods during the cutting season.

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