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Il rifugio è di prorietà del C.A.I.

Where are we?

The Val Pellice is in the province of Turin, between the Valley Chisone/Germanasca and Valley Po.
Arriving from Turin passed Pinerolo you follow towards Bricherasio and the Val pellice.
Arrived in Bobbio Pellice follow untill Villanova(1220 mt from the sea level) where you leave the car.
Then to get to the Refuge tou can either walk to Pra.
If you come to the Refuge walking during the summer and you'd like to avoid the vehicals road you can follow the paths:home>activities>summer>walking, and you will find the map of an alternative rute.

How to contact us?
Radiophone (+39)0121932755
Write us an e-mail, info@jervis.it
If you want to send a postcard, Rifugio Willy Jervis Bobbio Pelllice 10060

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