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Il rifugio è di prorietà del C.A.I.


The Willy Jervis Refuge is renowned also for the wonderful kitchen service. The menù during the week is based of 2 starters, a fistr course, a second course and a dessert. On sundays you can taste typical and local sorts of salame as a starter, follewed by polenta and beef stue, sauseges and differnt sorts of local cheese ending with a dessert. You can have polenta any day of the year under reservation, and for any special event calling you can have other tipical plates as fondute, racletteand bagna cauda.
The complete menù costs € 17.00 comprensive of plain water.
The cantine is well-supplied with a selection of different bottles of wine and beer. For example the BEBA's beer:an high qualitybeer produced by Beba's brewerythanks to a long fermentation.
The breakfast buffet comprises:
-hot drinks(the, milk and coffe)
-fruit juice
-corn flakes
-bread, butter and jam

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