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Il rifugio è di prorietà del C.A.I.

The Refuge

The Refuge Willy Jervis is at the end of the river Pellice Valley(TO) in the suggestive"Conca or Valley of Pra" at an altitude of 1.732 mt from the sea level. The Refuge is CAI's property.

The refuge awas inaugurated in 1950 and was called Willy Jervis in memory of the partisan killed by the nazi-fascist in 1944.(Willy Jervis,43 years old , was a meccanic ingenear member of the action party, who was shot in Viller Pellice in the night between the 4 and the 5 of August 1944).
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The refuge is dedicated to all the partisans of the 5° division "Justice and Freedom"who fell during the Second World War.In 1976 the building was destroid by a blaze but, thanks to the many volountiers contribute it was built up again recreating the original aspect.The refuge opened again in 1979 with Roby Boulard, who is the actual runner of the Willy Jervis and an Alpine Guide. His uninterrupted work as brought to a progressive improvement of the service, Today the Refuge Willy Jervis is renown for its ospitality, for the magnificent couisine and for the  warm familiar atmosphere coustomers can find.
Anyone can find the door open any day of the year.
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